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Loredo Truss Company, Inc. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of metal-plate-connected wood floors, roof trusses, and components. Since 1969, we've proudly supplied contractors and builders throughout the greater Austin, TX, area with only the finest in trusses and components. With well over 50 years of industry experience, we're fully equipped to exceed all expectations. No matter the size of your intended projects, we are always happy to supply your business with high-quality roof and floor trusses that meet or exceed the standards required by the Wood Truss Council of America (WTCA) and the Truss Plate Institute (TPI).

Hiring Now! We are actively seeking truss assemblers, sawyers, drivers, and designers. For inquiries, please contact us by phone, and enter extension 10.

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Product Advantages

Roof Trusses | Austin, TX - Loredo Truss Company, Inc.

Engineered Open Web Floor Trusses:

Allows for Greater Span and Loads Than Conventional Framing

Provide Ease Of Mechanical Installations

Improve Installation and Overall Construction Cycle Time

Less Waste on Jobsite

Roof Trusses | Austin, TX - Loredo Truss Company, Inc.

Engineered Roof Trusses:

Improve Construction Time Cycles for Roof Framing

Greater Flexibility in the Design Of Interior Bearing Walls

Ensures Quality Performance of Roof Structures

Reduced Jobsite Waste


National Federation of Independent Business

Truss Manufacturers Association of Texas

Structural Building Components Association

Home Builders Association

About Us

Turn to us for custom-designed and engineered wood floor and roof trusses for all your commercial and residential projects. From design to delivery, we promise that you'll be totally satisfied with every aspect of the services and products we provide. Our president, Sonny Loredo, started our business back in 1969 — adding 50 years of his own experience to the combined 200 years of experience offered by their team as a whole.  

Since our establishment, we've taken great pride in providing our clients with detail-driven work and rewarding customer service. Our current vice president, Lloyd Loredo, views his father as a stellar example and has taken great strides to guarantee that our customers are always getting a quality product at a great price. Reach out to our team today to start working directly with our experienced designers.

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